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Substance Abuse Professional Services (SAP)

Comprehensive Substance Abuse Professional Services for
Employees with the Department of Transportation Violations

You're a pilot, a bus driver or other transportation provider in a safety sensitive job and you've tested positive for drugs, or had an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater.

Now what?

Before you can return to work you must meet with a Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional SAP who can conduct a face-to-face assessment and refer you to an educational or treatment program. If you want to return to work you must do this. As a SAP, it's my goal to do this in a timely manner that allows you to return to work as soon as you are ready and able.

My purpose is not to advocate for you or your employer. It's to protect the public interest in safety and take every step to make sure lives are not endangered because of alcohol and drug violations.

I take this role seriously and bring to it more than 20 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. I have spent more than two decades working in treatment centers and in private practice with addicted populations. My training in all types of addictions gives me a deep understanding of what individuals are dealing with. I am also fully qualified and trained as a SAP under the US Department of Transportation regulations.

For the Employee

Here's what you can expect:

During our first face-to-face clinical assessment and evaluation, I will determine what assistance is needed to resolve your problems associated with alcohol and/or drug use.

I will refer you to an appropriate education and/or quality treatment program that meets your specific needs.

After you have completed the program, we'll meet for another follow-up evaluation to determine if you have fully demonstrated successful compliance with the initial assessment and evaluation recommendations.

Following your successful completion of an education or treatment program, I will provide a follow-up drug and/or alcohol testing plan. I will also provide a Return to Work letter of compliance.

Things you need to know

  • The cost for SAP services is $300
  • You must pay in cash, with a debit card or credit card.
  • You must provide proof of your identity and a copy of the drug screen results.
  • Your choice of a SAP is final. Once you start the return-to-duty process with me there is no turning back or SAP shopping.
  • My recommendations are final. You or your employer must accept the recommendations I make regarding education or treatment programs.
  • Evaluations cannot be done over the phone.
  • I will provide a list of AA/NA meetings in the area, information on local facilities and clinicians and education about levels of care.

Before you can return to work

  • You must complete the recommended treatment or education program.
  • Have a face-to-face follow-up evaluation with me.
  • Successfully complete two negative consecutive drug screens.

For the Employer

Here's what you can expect

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all companies employing individuals performing safety sensitive jobs to conduct the following drug and alcohol tests: pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return to duty and follow-up.

An individual testing positive MUST be referred to a qualified Substance Abuse Professional who will conduct a face-to-face clinical assessment, monitor the case and will conduct a compliance interview as well as provide a follow-up testing schedule. I am thorough and efficient in my recommendations without ever sacrificing safety. US DOT return-to-work regulations are extremely stringent. I provide accurate and timely substance abuse evaluations and work diligently to assure you are compliant with the law.

Employers who refer employees with a DOT violation for SAP services remain in DOT compliance.

SAP DOT for Employers

To refer an employee or prospective employee, please provide the following:

  1. Company name, address, phone and fax number.
  2. Employee or prospective employee's name, phone number date of birth and social security number.
  3. Company's DOT modality (FMCSA, FRA, FTA, FAA, RSPA, USCG).
  4. Testing violation type and date of violation.
  5. Current employment status of employee.
  6. Name of Designated Employee.
  7. Representative (DER) who will receive the evaluation report.

Benefits of the DOT/SAP Process

  1. Employers who refer employees with a DOT violation for SAP Services remain in DOT compliance.
  2. All SAP reporting will satisfy DOT requirements
  3. Support and consultation will be provided regarding any and all SAP reports or DOT auditing.

Fee: DOT Service $300

This fee includes:

  • Face-to-face clinical assessment
  • Case-management and monitoring
  • Compliance interview
  • Follow-up testing schedule
  • All reports

Education and treatment service providers' charges are separate.

When you're ready to get started:

Call Mark Felber at 214 796-2323 for an appointment.

I will make every effort to get you in as quickly as possible.

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