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Vulnerability is the soul of intimacy and lights the path to the human heart

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Road Map for Life Seminars:

The Healing Power Of Experiential Psychotherapy: Where Talk Therapy Never Goes

"The thoughts that rule our lives from the seemingly safe places within us, can be accessed through psychodrama, so that wounds rather than fester in the darkness, can come to the light of the stage for healing, ultimately giving us the courage to renew our lives and dream again."
   ~ Tian Dayton

Psychodrama takes people to places that no amount of talk therapy could ever go. Often described as the "therapeutic theater of the soul" psychodrama unleashes the thoughts and feelings stuck deep inside us.

Feelings and fears hidden in the crevices of our soul come bubbling to the surface, where they can at long last be addressed. We are both shocked and relieved by what we feel happening to us. Relief from a lifetime of pain is ours for the taking.

In psychodrama we are able to role-play pieces of the past and in this safe environment, allow ourselves to feel the pain we never before dared admit we were suffering with. As we role-play these experiences they become real to us. From there we can learn more about what happened and why. Most importantly, we can begin healing.

At first, psychodrama might seem mysterious, even scary. It is for all of us, unfamiliar territory. But for those willing to take a chance and muster the courage to step into this theater of the soul, the rewards are immense.

For starters, remember that psychodrama gives us a safe place to act out what is hidden inside us. We tell our own story with the help of others in the group who step in to act as our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. They help us see with new eyes, things that we were unable to see before.

Our past is illuminated by actions, not words. We feel it in our bones. We see and feel the truth. There's nowhere to hide from the truth. In conventional therapy we may try to talk away or around a problem. But in psychodrama, there's no chance to deny, rationalize, excuse or intellectualize our experiences. By facing them head-on we are able to start our recovery process.

The world starts to make more sense to us. We have delved into the darkness inside our souls and emerged healthier for having taken the chance. We are on the road to understanding our true selves.

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