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Road Map for Life Seminars

Each year millions of couples and families must endure the excruciating pain of divorce and experience the emotional and physical devastation of substance abuse.

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You need look no further than the six-year-old boy whose dad no longer comes to his soccer games to see the agony of divorce. Or look into the eyes of a woman who husband can't get through the day without alcohol to see the pain of addiction.

It's everywhere we look and it is the reason I am writing to you today. I am a licensed professional counselor in Plano, Texas. It is my earnest hope that the people you serve will benefit from the twelve free two-hour seminars that I offer. I call my program "Road Map for Life" and it was created to help individuals and couples rediscover the life they once hoped for before addiction, shame, fear or abandonment and other issues propelled them into a world of despair.

The first seminar titled "Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams: Pathways to Healing For Singles and Couples" focuses on ways to save, improve or simply understand relationships.

The next two-part seminar, "Hooked on Love: When You Love Too Much," deals with codependency and the self-defeating behaviors that stand in the way of happiness.

The tragedy of addiction is the focus on the two-part "Understanding the Addict in Your Life: Awakening To Recovery."

The next seminar, "Healing Toxic Relationships: How to Talk so Your Partner Listens" speaks to everyone's desire to have satisfying and loving connections.

The seventh seminar, "Everyday Addictions That Destroy Your Happiness," examines the things we do that on the surface seem harmless. Spending, gossiping, sleeping and working are normal behaviors but when they're done to avoid feelings, then they become process addictions.

The eighth seminar, "When Love Hurts: How to Heal a Painful Relationship," looks at the damage done through humiliation, control, intimidation and other behaviors. These insidious behaviors destroy relationships and cause immense pain.

The ninth seminar, "The Healing Power of Experiential Psychotherapy: Where Talk Therapy Never Goes," looks at how acting out painful experiences from the past can help people learn to resolve issues in the present.

The next seminar "Recovering from Your Traumatic Childhood: Breaking the Cycle of Pain" focuses on the ways parents unconsciously wound their children and how those behaviors are passed on from one generation to the next.

"Sex and Love Addiction 101" explores the dark despair of sex and love addiction for both the addict and the partner and helps you understand options for healing.

"Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts" is a seminar that explores the role partners played in the dysfunctional relationship while teaching new skills for healing and improving their life.

The final two seminars "Grieving Life's Losses: Developing the Courage to Mourn," looks at all kinds of losses people face, including the death of loved one, the end of a career, the loss of a pet and many others. It also focuses on the stages of mourning and the grief work that must be done for true healing to occur.

Certainly the need for a helping hand is great in a country where every 13 seconds a divorce is finalized; where one out of every four students lives in a household affected by divorce. When we consider that there are 88 million Americans who are chemically dependent or in a relationship with someone who is and that about half of the accidents on the road involve alcohol it becomes clear that we must not only recognize the depth of the problem but also do something to change it.

The destructive behaviors of addiction can be replaced with healthy ways of living this life. Splintered families can be restored to wholeness. Individuals can overcome the harshest of circumstances. But they need guidance to get them past the confusion and despair that muddies up their vision. They need a "Road Map for Life" that can help them learn how to knock down the barricades, overcome the detours and get back on the highway so they enjoy the wonderful world we live in.

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