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Vulnerability is the soul of intimacy and lights the path to the human heart

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Creating The Relationship Of Your Dreams: Pathways To Healing For Singles And Couples

"Something we were withholding made us weak,
Until we found out that it was ourselves."
   ~ Robert Frost

In healthy relationships, partners feel safe enough to share their true selves without hiding behind the mask that they wear in the world. Love, when it is genuine, makes it possible for them to be vulnerable with each other so that together they can find their way toward healing and wholeness.

This seminar is an introduction to Imago Relationship Therapy and it's a way that couples and singles can discover how unconscious childhood hurts often get in the way of healthy adult relationships.

It was designed to help couples learn how to put the spark back in their relationship and rediscover the person they fell in love with. But it also offers singles valuable insight into what went wrong in past relationships and how they can avoid those pitfalls in the future.

As most adults have discovered, keeping a long-term relationship going can be a daunting challenge what with so many obstacles in the way. Imago Relationship Therapy helps couples create a safe haven, so that each person can be heard and loved for who they really are. To get there, couples must look backwards and see their partner as the child they once were. When they can visualize the child in every adult, they can better understand and help heal those wounds.

Couples can learn how to really meet each other's needs in ways that are deeply meaningful to both people. This seminar is not about agreeing to take out the garbage or wash the bathtub. It's about agreeing to really sit down, tune in and listen to each other's heart and those true feelings that get lost in our busy lives.

It's possible to put back the vitality in relationships that have lost their spark. Couples can learn how to bring down the walls of anger and contempt and replace them with compassion and empathy. Partners can once again, develop a shared vision for their future, one that is full of hope and promise.

Imago Relationship Therapy is not a quick fix but it is a way that couples can reconnect and find exactly what they were looking for on the path to healing and wholeness.

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