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Healing Toxic Relationships: How To Talk So Your Partner Listens

For Singles And Couples

"The first duty of love is to listen."
   ~ Paul Tillich

Every 13 seconds, a divorce is finalized in this country. Fewer than half of all American children can expect to live out their childhood with both of their parents. Clearly, a lot of people in this country are not listening to those they love. They've closed their hearts and turned away from the people that they once proclaimed to care about the most.

Indeed, listening is a tough task in these harried times when couples often work different hours and find time to talk only when the car breaks down, the dog runs away or their son needs braces.

Amid all the noise and chaos of our busy lives, there is one message that should come across loud and clear. No relationship can survive if people don't learn how to listen and really hear each other. This seminar "Healing Toxic Relationships: How to Talk so Your Partner Listens," was developed to help people learn how to listen, not just with their ears, but also with their hearts.

It is possible for partners to learn how to communicate, beyond the idle chitchat and empty conversations that fill the hours. With practice, couples can break the cycle of negativity and develop healthier ways of getting their needs met. They can learn how to stop all the poker hot fighting and icy storms of silence that shut down relationships and destroy marriages.

This seminar looks at behaviors that suck the life out of marriages. It examines the roadblocks that make real communication impossible. And it teaches solid skills, not just silly games that can rebuild relationships.

In a busy society where the family dinner hour has virtually disappeared, couples are too exhausted at the end of the day to even think about sex and no one seems to be truly satisfied with their lives, it's easy to look the other way and pretend that a relationship is healthy. After all, if a couple can get through the day without a snide comment or an all out assault on each other, isn't that enough? Most couples, if they were honest with themselves, would answer no. They want and deserve more.

Awakening to a conscious relationship, one in which couples communicate their needs and desires in a constructive way, takes some time. But it's time worth taking in order to build the relationship of your dreams.

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