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Hooked On Love: When You Love Too Much (Part 2)

"Happiness is not a reward; it is a consequence.
Suffering is not a punishment; it is a result."
   ~ R.G. Engersoll

Codependents, or people who are addicted to love, practically wrote the book on suffering. They see themselves as victims, characters in a novel, written by someone else. Their role in life is clearly defined; they are the helpers and rescuers.

But while they are so careful to make sure that everyone else is taken care of and no one gets hurt, they over look themselves.

This seminar, "Hooked on Love: When You Love Too Much," is about the difficult but rewarding process of recovering from codependency. It's about the challenges codependents face as they try to recover from a lifetime of people pleasing. And it's about the difficulties they have when they stop doing what everyone else wants and start standing up for them. It's easy to see how codependents in recovery often find themselves in a double bind. For often those who they've been rescuing all these years, are none to pleased with a new, more confident friend or spouse whom no longer acts like a doormat. In recovery, codependents learn how to not only change their behavior but also deal with others who might try to sabotage their progress.

In recovery, codependents also learn how to keep going when they fall back into familiar habits and fail to set boundaries. Recovering from an addiction, including codependency, often means one step forward and two steps backwards. But it is possible to change and find a rewarding way of life.

For codependents that are so used to putting themselves last, learning to be selfish is tough. But it is worth the effort. The emotional defense systems that protected the codependent as a child can be replaced with healthier behaviors. Codependents can learn to stop stuffing their feelings.

Finally, codependents can write their own script. With practice, they can stop searching outside themselves for happiness and instead make it happen on their own terms. Let the fun begin.

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