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Hooked On Love: When You Love Too Much (Part 1)

"How does one become a butterfly? she asked pensively.
You must want to fly so much, that you are willing
To give up being a caterpillar."
   ~ Trina Paulust

Like the fuzzy caterpillar, people who are codependent, or in other words, addicted to love, long to take flight and soar above the clouds. But in their minds and hearts, taking off is just too scary. They would rather stay shackled to the safe earth than take a risk and give up the control that they hold on to so tightly.

Codependents follow a long list of rules that they believe will keep them safe from harm. Don't feel. Don't make decisions. Don't be who you are because it will never be good enough. To break free and really start to live life, someone who is codependent or addicted to love, must break the very rules that they have built their entire lives around. It is a most daunting task.

Learning how to break free from the very rules that keep codependents stuck on the ground, is what this seminar, called "Hooked on Love: When You Love Too Much," focuses on.

Most codependents do not give up their code of conduct — to be good, right, perfect and strong — easily. They have invested so much of themselves in taking care of others and people pleasing, that to put themselves first seems like such a selfish thing to do. And just imagine the risks: shame, guilt and worse of all, abandonment. Deep down, codependents live with so much fear and the belief that they can never be loved for themselves, that they do everything they can to make sure they do not lose the love they so desperately want and secretly believe they do not deserve.

Yet as hard as it is for codependents to put themselves first, that first whiff of freedom can be so exhilarating, that it propels them forward and gives them the courage to fly. It becomes easier and easier to set boundaries, ask for what they want and let go of manipulative behaviors.

With practice and support, the codependent can break free of worry and obsession. In time, the codependent can take flight at last.

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